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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Waldorf Doll for Your Child

Of course, I'm biased. My daughter attends a Waldorf school and plays with these dolls almost every day. So, what are Waldorf dolls? These are handmade dolls inspired by the traditional European doll making method, using all-natural materials such as wool and cotton. Now, let's jump into the reasons why I think you should seriously consider them as your next toy for your children.


Safe and sustainable

Waldorf dolls are soft, without any sharp edges, yet firm - made to mimic the actual human body. Moreover, no plastic or synthetic materials are used, making them very safe for children of all ages. There's no need to worry about your little ones mouthing, chewing or smelling those chemically induced colourful plastics. 

According to National Geographic, the amount of plastic trash that flows into the oceans every year is expected to nearly triple by 2040 to 29 million metric tons. Another report stated that the world produces 381 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly, with 50% of this being single-use plastic and only 9% has ever been recycled. 

Such worrying statistics. While we might not be able to do without plastic altogether now, getting an environmentally sustainable Waldorf doll is a definite small step in the right direction.


Help in children development

Waldorf dolls are warm. The wool stuffing absorbs the child’s warmth, producing a soothing effect. Imagine the feeling of hugging a wool pillow. One of the characteristics of Waldorf dolls is the minimal, simple facial expression which allows room for imagination. Depending on mood, the child can imagine the doll to be happy, sad, angry or any other expressions.

Interaction through imaginative play helps to promote creativity as the child talks, confides, sings or even dances with the doll. It also helps in speech and language development as well as enhancing social skills. 

Having a doll for your little one to take care of also teaches them to be responsible and caring. I remember seeing how my daughter braided her doll's hair, like how her mom did hers every morning, really warms my heart.


They are affordable

Yes, if you look at the price of these dolls, they are not cheap especially when you compare them to plastic toys. But it cost more to buy those commercially made plastic toys from the angle of environment, health and opportunity. Unlike plastic toys, Waldorf dolls are environmentally friendly, not harmful and bring tons of developmental benefits. 

No two Waldorf dolls are the same, that each one is uniquely handmade. So, each one that you own is a masterpiece by itself. They are not trendy, so, will never go out of trend. They won't break because they are not brittle. If ever they are torn, few simple stitches will do the trick. When they get dirty, a quick wash in the washing machine can easily solve the problem. You do the math - no doubt a wise medium to long term investment.

All in all, Waldorf dolls can be a great companion for a long time, with whom the child can share dreams, feelings, hopes and adventures, accompanying them as they grow.


There, my three main reasons why you should get a Waldorf doll for your child. If you think long and hard enough, you will agree with me. Just hop over to our shop to check them out. These dolls are locally made and available for made-to-order. 

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