Less screen time, let children have more free play time outdoor

Less Screen Time, More Free Play Time

Some who know me might consider me to be weird or outdated. Because I rarely allow my daughter have her screen time. But I do not see myself as being anti-progress, anti-internet or anti-electronic gadgets. However, I believe electronic gadgets are tools for the right reasons, for the right people at the right time. Like many tools in life, though they are neutral, they could either bring great benefits or destructions or both even. I like to draw upon the analogy of the car - one of the great inventions that propel the human race forward, but also deadly weapons as evidenced by the road accident's fatality rate. So, to minimise the risk of accidents, someone figured that only one knows how to handle a vehicle and at an appropriate age are allowed to be behind the wheel. How about electronic gadgets that enable one to access the world wide web? It appears to be harmless because we don't see the instant effect on young children. But is it less dangerous for them? 

I'm a strong advocate for delaying, reducing exposure to electronic gadgets and the worldwide web for young children. Why not let them be children, doing what children does like playing outdoor, drawing, painting, weaving, exploring the wonder of nature? Let them develop their physical body, doing things with their hands, jumping, climbing etc. By doing so, they are actively engaging with their surrounding environment, friends and their inner self. Give them room to get hurt and fail as to develop resilience. There's so much more they can explore and learn than just staring passively or react violently (in the case of video gaming) at the screen. Let them experience the real world instead of a virtual one. I believe childhood is too precious a moment to be glued to an electronic gadget. Let's preserve our little one's childhood for a better tomorrow.

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Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash


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