Family of Five Nins Wooden Peg Dolls

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Here's a family of five wooden Nins Peg Dolls that is great for children's imaginative free play and education. These are made of Zelkova Wood. They come in soft-felt tall hats and simple linen clothes that are individually hand-sewn. You can use a bit of glue to fix them on their heads.

Alternatively, opt for the natural, unfinished set where you can either apply colors on or sew custom-designed clothing.

Father: 8cm(h) x 2.8cm(l) x 2.8cm(w)

Mother: 8cm(h) x 3.7cm(l) x 3.7cm(w)

Son: 6.5cm(h) x 2.5cm(l) x 2.5cm(w)

Daughter: 6.5cm(h) x 3cm(l) x 3cm(w)

Baby: 3.8cm(h) x 2.5cm(l) x 2.5cm(w)

Weight: 160g