Wooden Balancing Blocks

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These beautiful wooden blocks are a new take on the classic Japanese Tumi Ishi. These have multiple sides that mimic the natural and non-symmetrical shapes of rocks, thus making them more challenging for stacking. As such, it helps to promote creative problem-solving skills, logic, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill as well as observation. Each set contains 15 blocks made from Zelkova wood with non-toxic natural-tone coloring that minimizes overstimulation while retaining the natural wood grain.

3 Pieces Big blocks: 5cm(h) x 3.5cm(l) x 3.5cm (w)
6 Pieces Medium blocks: 3.5cm(h) x 2.5cm(l) x 2.5cm (w)
6 Pieces Small blocks: 3.5cm(h) x 2cm(l) x 2cm (w)
Weight: 295g