Wooden Dining Set

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What's for dinner tonight? Chinese? Western? Why not have the possibility of both with this beautiful, natural, unfinished wooden kitchen utensils set made of Beech Wood. The set includes four bowls, four pairs of chopsticks, four plates, four sets of cutlery, and a pepper container.

Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys are hardy, warm, and give a tactile feeling that is good for children's sensory development. The natural, unfinished look prevents overstimulation and potentially looks better as the wood age.

If you wish to add some color to the set, a weekend project with your little one would be great. However, we strongly encourage non-toxic coloring.

Plates: 13cm(Diameter) x 2.5cm(h)
Bowls: 6.5cm(Diameter) x 3.8cm(h)
Chopsticks: 14cm (l)
Forks: 12cm (l)
Knives: 14cm (l)
Chopsticks Holders: 1cm(h) x 2cm(l) x 4.5cm(w)
Condiment Containers: 5.8cm(h) x 3.5cm(l) x 3.5cm(w)
Weight: 670g