Wooden Enchanted Forest

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Create and tell interesting stories of magic, elves, gnomes, and fairies with this Wooden Enchanted forest that consists of 10 trees with different species and shades of green. Use this for imaginative play as well as educational purposes.

The trees are hand-stained with non-toxic, food-safe coloring. It is not pretreated with any conditioner or finished with any sealant. Playing with it, children will be able to appreciate the beautiful natural wood grain and feel the slightly rough texture that is good for sensory stimulation.

Tree 1: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 15cm(h)
Tree 2: 5.5cm (w) x 5.5cm (l) x 15cm(h)
Tree 3: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 12.5cm(h)
Tree 4: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 12.5cm(h)
Tree 5: 5cm (w) x 5cm (l) x 12.5cm(h)
Tree 6: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 11.5cm(h)
Tree 7: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 10cm(h)
Tree 8: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 8.5cm(h)
Tree 9: 6cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 8cm(h)
Tree 10: 5.5cm (w) x 5.5cm (l) x 7cm(h)
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