Wooden Pebbles

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This beautiful, open-ended, versatile 4-piece wooden pebble is suitable for children of all ages. These pebbles are smooth to the touch and come in their natural wood colours, unwaxed. When combined with other wooden elements such as forests, they become wonderful landscapes for rich storytelling. Use them for stacking or building different structures.

These organic wooden pebbles encourage open-ended play. There are no instructions, no restrictions, no manual, and no right or wrong way to play it. All you need is your curious mind and imagination!

Pebble 1: 5cm (w) x 6cm(l) x 2.5cm (h)
Pebble 2: 7cm (w) x 8cm(l) x 2.5cm (h)
Pebble 3: 8.5cm (w) x 10cm(l) x 2.5cm (h)
Pebble 4: 10.5cm (w) x 12cm(l) x 2.5cm (h)
Features: 4 pieces
Weight: 0.25kg